Quad Cities – Martha Twitty

Oct. 12. Hello again. Remember me? I don’t know what a person can write about when there’s nothing to write about. I guess the weather, which is not very interesting. We had 80º weather one day this week & now it’s getting down in the 30’s at night & 40’s in the daytime. Different places in Iowa had snow flurries this a.m. Well, it is October & anything can happen. We’re still getting tornadoes in Iowa too. I believe they said 16 altogether lately. One just barely missed us last month.

The hummingbirds stayed around until a few days ago. Either it was the same ones or others migrating. We were getting worried about them. But I guess they know what they’re doing. I read where they can travel 1,000 miles on just one feeding. 

I want to wish Happy Birthday to my brother Claud of Ava, MO this month. I sure do miss him & Marlene a lot. It’s too bad when families get separated like that. I’m lucky to have my daughter & grandchildren & greats close to me. My little great-granddaughter Kylie had a birthday the 9th and she’s four years old now. It doesn’t seem like its been that long when she was so tiny in that five generations picture. 

I’ve started crocheting again. I’ve just about got a big bedspread made for the bed. I’m not sure, but I may make some pillow shams to go with it. 

I feel a lot better, but still not gaining weight. Maybe around 5lbs. And I’ve been eating a lot of high calorie foods. The trouble is that my blood sugar is too high now. 

Well, as bad as I hate to, it’s time to start putting away summer clothes & getting out the winter ones, once again. It was too hot to do anything about all summer. 

I trust you Jesus & believe in angels. Take care of yourselves & each other. Bye bye for now.