Wasola – Theta Nokes

Lift up your hands in the sanctuary and bless the Lord. Psalms 134:2.

Last month was another busy one taking people to Springfield for doctor’s appointments. Also visiting our daughter Honie in the hospital. After six weeks she got to go home. She had to stay because the MRSA infection in her foot. 

I took my brother-in-law Howard Mitchell for cataract surgery. Ella Faye goes with us.

A lot of people are passing on. Sympathy to the families of George Dale & Kent Turner.

Saturday afternoon, I went to Ralph & Dana Brazeal home from Wyatt Wharton birthday party. Other guests were Howard & Ella Faye Mitchell, Dara Strong, Liviya Wharton, Billie Saterfield, Zamber & Colt Little and Anna Belle Johnson. Wyatt turns 12 years old on the 12th.

I think we have been blessed with rain the past few days.

Some people are like buttons, always, popping off at the wrong time.

Some parents are happy that their children are back in school.