Mt. Tabor – Kay Hutchison

It was a wonderful day, rather cool and misty, but a good day for worship. We had several visitors, which always makes us happy. We continue to pray for all on our prayer list, as well as many others, unspoken.

Brother Charles read scripture from Philippians 4, for his message titled, what are you thinking? He used an example of how you can “mess with someone’s mind”. He encouraged us to think on those things that are pure, true, honest and lovely and of good report. Good advice for all.

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bassham, Nixa, sang for the morning service, very nice.

Bonita Winingham was in Ava, last Monday, to attend her aunt, Lorene Thurman’s funeral. She spent Monday night with her mom, Jewell Elliott, then returned home, Tuesday.

Kay Hutchison enjoyed a visit with Lenore Burton, Tuesday afternoon.

Jewell Elliott visited with Debbie Thurman Guffey, of Gainesville, while she was in Ava, last Saturday.

Jewell Elliott had Saturday lunch with Mr. and Mrs. Shaun Elliott and children. Joining them was Ashley Wilson, Bolivar. Ashley visited Jewell in the evening, before going home. James Elliott visited, during the week, with Jewell, also.

Old Folk’s Day was held in the afternoon, with a very nice group attending. Some of the Hathcock families provided a wonderful lunch at the noon hour for all that would stay. We missed some that are usually there, but added some new ones. We appreciate all those who came to help out in the program: all the singers, the readings and poems, as well as those who shared memories of times past, at Mt. Tabor Church and Sunday School. There was lots of laughter, some tears, but all so enjoyable.

Our lady getting the prize from church was, Lenora Burton, who is 95, Ruth Shumate, runner up, Trellis Hathcock, for the man, 84, and Edgar Stewart, runner up. Our birthday girl was, Kim Smith. We had so many gifts to give away as door prizes, and we appreciate everyone’s generosity. Our plan is to gather again next year, second Sunday in September, to make it number 63. We hope to see you all there.

Harold and Kay Hutchison have enjoyed having Vic Burdan as their visitor, Monday and Tuesday. She now makes her home in Manila. She was accompanied by Kristy Tackett and joined here  by Mr. and Mrs. Danny Clements and Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. Harlin Hutchison and Amy, for supper Monday evening. With lots of food, games, laughter and looking at pictures of  the little ones, the time was much too short.