Mt. Tabor – Kay Hutchison

Pledges and singing began our services this Sunday, followed by a great many requests for prayer. We always pray for our church, community and our nation. We were glad to have Jewell’s great grandchildren as our visitors.

Brother Charles read John1:35 to begin his message, “I Want Us To Be Together In Heaven”. We are to go forth and spread the gospel. He compared that job to rolling a snowball, good comparison.

Nora, Logan and MaKayla Elliott spent Saturday and Saturday night with Jewell.

Kim and Danny Clements visited Harold and Kay Hutchison, Saturday.

James Elliott came by Jewell’s a couple of times this week.

Jewell visited J.C. Hall, one afternoon last week and found him doing very well, recovering from surgery. Ronnie Lansdown was also a visitor.

Pat Lansdown has spent a few days in the hospital, with a recurring health problem, but is home now.

Lucille DeBerry spent Thursday night with Harold and Kay Hutchison.

Bill Johnson dropped by for a short visit with Harold Hutchison.