Eastern Gate and Around The Mountain – Irene Swearengin

It was another great Sunday at church this week. The weather was great and God sent Jon a wonderful message for us. We had several out for services and lots of young kids. Some came in a little late to sing, so we missed getting to hear their beautiful young voices. The Wed. night kids sang a special for us as did the little kids. That was all the special music we had Sunday. I don’t know what has gotten into our singers.

We are all looking forward to  Saturday night and hoping several of our youth are making plans to attend. Just make sure to let Jeannee know in advance.

The mighty mite football season has started and the basketball, and regular football season has begun, so let’s all get out there and support our youth. I think they need to know that we adults support them and love them. The more we stand behind them, the more we get to show them God’s love and His ways.

Even though we are having great weather, other parts of the country are still having a rough time and we need to stick together and pray for our country. Pray that our nation turns to God and ask Him back into the schools and all homes.

Till next time take care and God bless.

Eastern Gate and Around The Mountain

Irene Swearengin