Rock Chapel – Sharon Marler


Welcome Bro. Clark and his wife Sonja, as they worship with us for the next few Sundays. 

Bro. Tony Serghides brought a special devotion Sunday night followed by special church business meeting. 

Men’s Rally at Mt. Pisgah August 18th.  Their revival will begin the 19th with Mike Hutsell.  All invited. 

August 19-Church BBQ after morning service.  Bring sides and desserts.  No evening services.  

The trip to Zoo in Springfield will be Sept. 8th.  

PRAYER REQUESTS:  Beth Matheny, Gina Williams, Nathan Ross, Larry Wilkerson, Thelma Sanders, Norma Willhite, Steve (Patty’s brother),  Sharon Marler, Adam Housley, Darrell Price, Shelby Moore, Rick while in Africa and our church, Eli Moore, Dalton Moore, Skylar McKee, Glenda Jones, Barb Gray, Rob Crewse, Marylin’s Aunt Joyce, Gary Dugger, Logan Batten, Kent and Diane, Hunter Garrison, Diane Yarber, Norman’s granddaughter, Elaine Iott, Sharon Renfrow (wrist surgery), Chelsie and Brittney’s pregnancies, Bro. Clark, Chelsie and Katie and all young people going back to school. 

Recent birthdays:  Sharon Marler, Monte Housley and Blythe.  

Today’s Specials:  Sherry Thompson-“Who Am I?”. Tammi Housley-“In the Eye of the Storm”.  

Children’s Church today.  

SERMON BY Bro. Clark: “Pray God’s Grace- it is sufficient.”  Last week he spoke on wisdom. You can have it but you can’t buy it.  Wisdom- sometimes God sent with God’s understanding.  Verse 28-Job.  Fear of the Lord with reverence and commitment for God.  God is the one and only true God.  Paul-Verse 17- he could write to people in a way they could understand.  He spoke the word of God. 

Churches need to preach the word. God chose the gospel to get people saved. God said I will destroy the wisdom of the world.  Trust in God and walk in his wisdom. Make God happy and walk with him everyday.  

Visitors always welcome. Rock Chapel is approx. 9 miles north of Norwood School on highway E.  Join us for all the activities and church services.  Questions:  Shelby Housley 746-4743/ Shelby Moore 746-4751/ activities Helen Batten 683-5657 or 250-0918.