Church of the Living God – Susan Cook

Our morning started with prayer. We lifted our requests to the Lord and Sister Traci read our devotions from Titus chapter 1,verses 1-7. Sister Linda taught the adult Sunday school class, Sister Misty taught the beginner class, and Sister Susan taught the youth class.                                                                                                                            There were special praise reports this morning from our Bible School on Saturday. We had a good turnout of children and it was a blessing to see them learn more about God’s love for them.

Pastor Lonnie brought God’s message from Psalms chapter 57, verses 1-4. Verse 2 says, “I will cry unto God most high; unto God that performeth all things for me.” 

We say we believe that God can save our eternal soul. We say we believe God will give us a life with Him in Heaven. But do we truly believe that if we cry out to Him, He will perform all thing for us? When we pray for a need that we have, do we think that maybe God will provide? Do we think that this prayer may be too much for God to do, or maybe God doesn’t have enough to supply everyone’s needs? These are the thoughts that the devil wants us to believe. Satan wants us to have doubt and fear. Satan wants us to feel alone with our needs. 

Faith is knowing that even when times are tough and we are facing trials, and it seems like there is no help to be found, we can cry out to God. God is able to supply our needs in every situation. More than just able, God is willing to supply our needs.  Are we willing to cry out to Him in faith, believing this? We never have to face trials alone. God is always by our side. Do we reach out to Him? “Be merciful unto me, O God, be merciful unto me: for my soul trusteth in thee..”

We had a wonderful time of food and fellowship after service this morning. It is so good to take time to enjoy the family God has given us.