Bradleyville News – Karen Case

I am so thankful for the nice little rains we have been getting. Not a lot at a time, but just enough that our place has stayed green. We were driving around on Sunday afternoon and I noticed that a lot of areas around are very dry looking and still need rain.

Just a reminder that school starts this week. Please be careful when out driving and look out for kids getting on and off the school buses. I know there are signs up at most stops but sometimes we get so used to seeing the signs we really don’t consciously think about what it says. I have three grandkids that will be getting on and off the bus at our road, on a curve, and I don’t know how many times I have heard screeching brakes when I have been waiting for them to get across the road. I am always thankful the vehicles have gotten stopped in time. I have another great grandchild starting school at Willard this year. Gosh, how time does fly.

Vic and Deanna Badovinatz made a trip last weekend to see their Iowa family, including a sweet grandbaby.

Kayla and Boyd Combs had their 11th anniversary last Saturday. Kayla said that nothing celebrated an anniversary like vaccinating calves and getting pooed on all before 9am. She said at least her subjects were adorable!

Tom and Michelle Todd celebrated their 23rd anniversary the same day, on August 11. Congratulations to them. The Todd family recently visited the Wonders of Wildlife Museum and reported a very good time.

My daughter, Alicia Crouch graduated from cosmetology school in Harrison Arkansas a few weeks ago and passed her state test for license in Arkansas. She said it will be a few weeks before it is transferred so she can work in Missouri.

Jackie and Gail Adams, all their kids and grandkids recently made a vacation trip to Florida together. Gail’s sister and husband, Kim and Scott Davis and Gail and Kim’s mom, Loretta Stiles also vacationed with them. It looked like they had a great time all being together in a beautiful place.

The bridge on Hwy 125 at Garrison should be done and able to drive over Thursday, August 16. This will make is so much easier for so many people to get to work and school, or to anywhere else that is on the other side of the bridge. Seems like the detour around this one was so long and turned into 2 detours before it was over with another bridge being replaced on T Hwy. The one on T is still out.

This week I leave you with this thought: The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched-they must be felt with the heart. – Helen Keller