Bradleyville News – Karen Case

I got my hummingbird feeders hung back up over the weekend. I had neglected the little fellers for a couple of weeks. I had lots of flowers blooming they liked and they weren’t using the feeders much. They have rediscovered them and are going to town on the sugar water! They need to get tanked up for their trip south. I have a feeling that is going to be earlier than usual this year. Seems that fall may be earlier this year.

Thanks to MODOT for putting up a new school bus stop sign near our road. We had one of the older ones and it seems like people get used to seeing the same old sign and it fails to register in their minds. The new ones are a lot more brightly colored and more noticeable.

Paulette Combs was telling me that on Monday, August 20, several people who graduated from Bradleyville High School in the ‘50s had an impromptu casual reunion at the Fillin’ Station in Bradleyville. They enjoyed coffee and breakfast and for a couple of hours had a great time reminiscing of their high school years. One thing that was interesting was Betsy (Wakeley) Kester who wore a T-shirt that had cars on it from her high school era. Two of the cars were identical to two of her classmates’ cars, even down to the color. Those that were gathered that day included: Robert Carrol McIntosh, class of ‘56; Ted Horner, class of ‘53; Etcyl Coulter, class of ‘56; Buzz Essary, class of ‘58; Marie Essary; Betsy (Wakeley) Kester, class of ‘57; Howard Welch, class of ‘58; and J.L. Hurst, class of ‘56, who was here from Selah, WA.

Our pastor at New Mansion Church, Jeff Marsh, had a birthday last week so on Sunday the kids from children’s church came in at the end of service and presented him with a cake, along with several cards they had made him, and several cards from the congregation.

Scott and Julie Lawson spent Saturday at Scott’s dad’s house, then spent Sunday at Scott’s mom’s house, and attended a birthday party for Scott’s cousin.

Bradleyville School is selling extra yearbooks from previous years so if you are missing one you can call the school to see if they have the year you need.

Thought for this week: No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.- Eleanor Roosevelt