Bethany Baptist Norma Stilllings 8.9.18

Sally Sorensen is visiting with her parents, Bob and Darlene Sorensen this week. She will be on vacation for another week, before she returns to her job. 

Darlene Sorensen drove Norma Stillings to Springfield a week ago for an appointment in Mercy’s Ear, Nose, and Throat clinic. Norma is hopeful to have the hearing in her left ear restored. 

Norma has not been able to receive complaints at the nursing home, because of this lack of good hearing. She is hoping that there will be someone to step up to take the position of Volunteer Ombudsman for the residents at the Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center. Such a person needs to have reasonable health, have a caring heart, and be able to give about four hours of time a week. There is a training and oversight involved so that a person does not go in on their own. 

Todd and Amy Turner and their daughters, Meagan, Anna, Melina, and Lindsey, were the guests at church Sunday. There was lunch served at noon and a short service at 1:00. They had stayed overnight out at the Corder’s guest house. They have a ministry to “Hurting People.”  

Todd gave a testimony of his difficulties with MS and she gave one on the loss of children. Amy sang a couple of specials one of them on accepting God’s statement that all things will work to the good for those who love him, even when it seems impossible.  

Todd spoke on letting the mind of Christ be in us as we continue the race of life. It is by faith that we can continue to press toward the mark. The great people in God’s Hall of Faith in Hebrews 11 remained faithful even though they did not live to see the fulfillment of that faith which is Jesus.  Their faithfulness is an encouragement to those of us who walk in faith. 

When we endure through trials and are able to glorify God by our continuing to be faithful, we may be an encouragement to those who are following behind us. We know that we are encouraged by the example that Jesus left as he bore our sorrows and was smitten by God for our sins and iniquities. We may be tempted to say, “This is not fair,” when we face great trials, but we can have peace when we remember that it was “not fair” that Jesus who was sinless, had all our sins laid upon him. If we remain faithful to him we can have a great peace.