Feb. 20th – We all started coming in to weigh-in. It’s a beautiful day and everyone is ready for the meeting to begin. Food charts and dues were done by Fontella W. She keeps track of us. Welcome and pledges were done and the lesson was given by Barbara P., “Breaking Through The Plan By Thinking Fit.” Sometimes you must really start over to get your mind to work on being fit. The Plan is difficult to get through. If you can even start exercising a little Walking is the best way to start and moving more. Make sure you’re drinking water, 8 glasses a day. Before you know it, you’re going to lose a little more each time. We appreciate Barbara P. for a good lesson.

We discussed new business: Movie Magic SRD 2018 – May 11-12, more information coming. Margaret L. went over contests “Sole Survivor”, “Loser Lotto” and “Teddy Bear Buddy Contest.” We did our Circle of Friends. Until next week, “Take Off Pounds Sensibly.” Margaret L. won our calendar contest for February.

Feb. 27th – The sun is shining, oh happy day! We are still on and off with winter, but it’s okay. Spring is coming, oh happy day! We can really get our suns shining! It’s been a rough winter. We did our weigh-in and Barbara P. was our hi loser. Congrats! The lesson for today was from Elaine B. on “Your Changing Body Image.” Who we are is not always who we see in the mirror. Losing weight is suppose to be an awesome achievement, right? But what happens when we start down the path and even reach our goal weight, only to find that it’s not quite as wonderful as we promised ourselves it would be? I believe in your because you’re proven before that you can do it, more importantly. I hope you believe in yourself because in the end, that’s what really matters.

Movie Magic SRD 2018 is May 11-12. Money needs to be turned in by 3-20-18. It’s thirty dollars.

This morning was very cold, but we all came to weigh  and get a lesson. We all weighed, 7 T.O.P.S. and 3 K.O.P.S. It’s just so hard when it’s cold to concentrate. Our leader welcomed us and then we said our pledges. The roll and statistics were done. Our lesson was given by Holly B. on “Push It, But Don’t Over Do It.” Move more, eat more fruits and vegetables, stay hydrated with water, keep a food journal. Keeping hydrated is very important especially for weight loss on T.O.P.S. When you keep a journal of your food you can go back to see your menu if you ate more or less. This allows you to adjust the menu to lose a few more pounds. And also see if you ate unhealthy that week. We appreciate Holly B. for her lesson. It was very good. Barbara P. will be teaching next week. We went over old business and made corrections, additions and approved the minutes. The news business was discussed, read letters from our new coordinators – Joyce Andrson of Spokane Valley, Washington. She was elected first alternate and Carol Holtz of Rhinelander, Wisconsin was elected second alternate. Members begin their terms Jan. 1. Each November three members of the board are up for re-election. This year, incumbents- Barb Candy of Fairmont, West Virginia; Gina Brueske of Elmer City, Washington and Sandra Veiditz of Cochrone, Alberta retained their seats. We are happy for them all. Congratulations! Margaret B. won the pot for the menu draw. Margaret L. is contest coordinator. Ongoing contests are Sole Survivor, Calendar, Loser Lotto and Teddy Bear Buddy Contest. We closed with Circle of Friends.