St. Francis Church

Sunday, March 4 was the third Sunday in Lent.  In the early church this day was known as Scrutiny Sunday because those persons who were preparing to be baptized on Easter Sunday underwent scrutiny or testing to determine if they understood Christianity well enough to be baptized.  The scripture lessons for this day reflect this tradition and present fundamental rules for living a Christian life.  The epistle, Ephesians 5:1, presents St. Paul’s rules for living and lists vices to avoid and rules to follow.  To lead a Christian life we must discipline our minds and control our bodies to live as God would have us live.  Paul goes on to urge us to love as Jesus did and receive His light:  “For ye were sometimes darkness but now are ye light in the Lord; walk as children of light.”  In the gospel lesson, St. Luke 11:14, Jesus casts out a devil and demonstrates once again His power over Satan and shows that He is stronger.  The lesson of Lent is that we become good by doing good and our priority is obedience to God’s word.

During prayer time Bishop Hartley said the anniversary prayer for George and Rita Fancher whose anniversary is March 5.  In announcements he noted that next Sunday will be our vestry meeting, and that we are currently collecting money for the heifer project and for memorial flowers for Easter Sunday.  For more information on St. Francis Anglican (Traditional Episcopal) Church visit our website at