Rock Chapel Church

Prayer requests:  Buck Coffman, Nathan Roth, Jenny Harker, Kaye Garrison, Adam Housley, Sharon Marler, Norman and Phyllis Virtue, Glenda Moore, Brian Brewer, Skyler McKee, Glenda and Stanley Jones, Mark Forbeck, FL shooting victims, and our church leaders.

Upcoming Events:  Michael Marah will be bringing the evening message on Sunday, March 4, General Board meeting next Sunday evening, Easter Party Saturday, March 24 from 2-4 p.m.; greeters primary class today and middle school next week, Save the Date-wedding for Erin Bates and Dylan-June 16, 2018, at Stoutland, Mo.  Church members received an invitation to Samantha Parkes and Glenn Adler’s wedding May12 at Union Grove.

The choir  did a special today. Shelby Moore read thank you cards from the Putts and Guilliams for Lois Putts mother’s funeral.

  Reba McCune had a birthday.  Jamie Guilliams did a special.

Jamie Raney Moore brought her new baby boy to church today.  He is so cute.  Her girls seemed to be helping a lot!

We have new flower arrangements in hot pinks from Spice Berry in Mtn. Grove.  My first time to church in about 2 months, so I noticed them immediately.  So pretty.

Bro. Rick preached from Revelations 18 and 22 and Matthew 7: 12.  He said even though there are many versions of the Bible, we should read and accept it as written. We should never try to change things written in the Bible.  Many people make money more important than what it should be- we should work to pay bills and try to share with others.  He said with his business, he does it not for the money, but to see how happy little people are when they get their first deer head done by him.   Christians need to keep their promises, love their neighbor, not covet what others have, be honest and respectful.  We are the only Bible that some people see, so we must set a good example and not make excuses.  He ended by saying we need to watch our language and dress respectful; and always pray for each other. Service ended with Sharon R. and Mike H. leading in song.

Questions:  Rick Batten 683-5657 or 417-250-0918.  Visitors are always welcome!  We are located approx. 13 miles north of Norwood School on highway E.