Rock Chapel

Upcoming Events:  March 24-2 to 4 p.m. Youth Easter Party.  Food and Games.  March 18- Dakota’s baptism.  March 28-Footwashing and Communion on Easter Sunday.  April 22- Erin Bates bridal shower.  April Zoo trip.  May Cardinals game.  Sign up sheets on bulletin board.  First Sunday in June-Homecoming-Howell family singers from Thayer, Mo.

Helen has Children’s church today and Virginia next Sunday.

Specials today:  Sharon Renfrow and Carla Bates.

Prayer requests:  Beth Matheny, Gina Williams, Jenny Harker, Buck Coffman, Nathan Roth, Larry Wilkerson, Kaye Garrison, Adam Housley, Sharon Marler, Norman and Phyllis Virtue, Glenda Moore, Darrell Price, Mary Lou Beck, Brian Brewer, Skyler McKee, Glenda Jones, Gary Dugger, Helen’s nieces, and the church.

Birthdays:  Katie Vivod, Hanna Prock, Shelby Housley, Max Guilliams, Helen Batten.

Big crowd in church today.  Bro. Rick Batten- teasing about his wife having a birthday, and that she wasn’t real excited about it.  He said he really enjoys these little get togethers when everyone visits and shakes hands on Sunday morning.  He told the story from Matthew 20 about the laborers in the vineyard.  Some only worked one hour while others worked the whole day.  They all got paid the same. When you read verse 15, you can see that the owner of the vineyard could use his money however he wanted.  It was his money. The laborers did not think that was fair.  He said it meant that some could get saved in the last hour of their life and still go to Heaven while others had been saved a long time.  He said his sermon today was going to be on “Fizz”.  We get all fizzed up over things in life.  There are people all around us who are lost, and we get upset on things that don’t amount to anything.  We get upset with friends and spouses.  He reminded all of us about the boss in the Bible story.  He actually was a very generous man.  A person should respect his boss.  God is our boss.  Our master God is very powerful.  God treats us fair.  When we get in a fizz, it doesn’t do anyone any good.  His wife Helen always says two words, “calm thyself”.  We can always pray to God, and he will help us get through our fizz.  Questions:  Rick Batten-683-5657 or 250-0918.  Visitors are always welcome.