Quad Cities

3-7-18. We’re still having winter weather just like it was still winter, which of course, it still is. It rained all day long one day mixed with sleet and then it snowed all day long the next day and there’s usually the winds. Sometimes up to 30 mph and some 40 mph gusts. I’m so thankful we’re able to stay inside where it’s warm, unlike those poor souls along the North East coast who have been without power for so long. Walt still goes out and cleans the snow off the car and starts it and lets it run a while every day.

One day last week it was nice enough  and we went to Muscatine and used his Christmas coupon from Anita and Carl at Farmer’s Diner and had a good meal each, then went by Walmart to do some shopping. I eat Raisin bread toast for breakfast and they don’t sell it at the Tipton Walmart anymore so we have to go to Muscatine to get it and they had plenty of the name brand and their brand too. When we got through there we went on to Anita and Carl’s and got some Muscatine papers she had saved for me. I worked three places down there plus I sold Avon for several years so I got acquainted with a lot of people and also the auctions I went to there and the big one in Iowa City so I met lots and lots of people. So I look at the obituaries and read the funnies and work the puzzles. I didn’t subscribed to the Tipton paper again, but usually buy one when we go to the Tipton Walmart. It just comes out once a week and I usually don’t know anyone in there.

I get so much mail about every day it keeps me busy trying to keep up with it. Most of the time the mailman bundles it up with rubber bands and lays it outside my door and rings the doorbell. Mostly it’s catalogs, magazines, and organizations wanting money. When I send some of them a few dollars they answer right back to thank me and want me to send more. But I just send a little once in a while and to the ones who have sent me pretty greeting cards and other things. There’s an Indian school in Chamberlain, South Dakota and I went through there when I crossed the Missouri River the last time I went to California and they send me real nice dream catchers and greeting cards and different things so I send them a little money back when they do that. I used to make real pretty big dream catchers to sell at the auctions, where I had pretty colors of feathers hanging way down and I put pony beads on the feathers to hold them on and on the leather strips the feathers were usually red and black feathers and beads to match or turquoise and black the same way and do you know what? It makes me want to make more. I didn’t keep any I made, but I wish I had taken pictures of them and all the other things I made and pictures I painted. I had to leave most (or a lot of) them when I moved. That’s one thing I hated about moving – you always leave something whether you want to or not. Of course I just try to not move only every 40 years or so. I’m still trying to find a place for everything in the apartment and probably never will.

I still haven’t heard anything at all from my dear friend Katherine Day Applegate out in VanCouver, Washington. So I’m really worried. I can’t get her on the phone and sent a letter to her address asking for someone in her family to let me know what’s going on and haven’t heard a word. I sent the letter to her house and I didn’t get it back so someone got it. I know she would let me know something if she was able. Her son said he might bring her camper and come out here so I had my hopes up that I might get to see her one more time, but I’m afraid that won’t happen now.

I am so sorry and sad about the death of my cousin, Randy Caudill and I really feel for his family. Edna Mae picked a good picture of him to put in the paper. I may enlarge it and laminate it to preserve it. He was my double first cousin, but I have to admit, I never was around him very much. Mostly the older kids in the family.

Well, Walt wants to go out and start the car and I have to watch him in case he falls down. He would freeze in the weather, so I will say, I trust you Jesus and I believe in angels. Take care of yourselves and each other. Bye, bye for now.