Quad Cities

2-22-18. Well we almost made it to March. Of course that doesn’t mean we’re free of bad weather. We started to go to the store on Saturday and it was snowing so hard we just came back inside and didn’t go. I can’t even remember how much snow we got, but it was enough/ too much. Tonight we’re suppose to get rain and ice and who knows what.

I love writing for the Herald. Everyone who knows me know how much I love to talk and this way I can do it in writing. I can talk all I want to and if no one wants to listen they don’t have to. Ha! I take that from my Grandma “Viny.” She talked non-stop all the time. God love her. I still miss her and looking forward to seeing her again some day. That “someday” is coming up pretty quick. I’m not saying I’m getting older, but this year will be sixty years since my classmates and I graduated from good old Ava High School. It’s hard to believe.

Another person I certainly want to see and meet is the Rev. Billy Graham. What a very extraordinary person. Amazing what all good work he has done for God during his 99 years. We all know he’s with God and Jesus now. If anyone ever deserved to be in heaven, he does. Well, I guess we may go to Wal-Mart today and get some meds and things I need before the freezing rains start.

I am so worried about my “forever” friend, Kay (Day) Applegate. I’ve been trying to call her and the operator keeps saying the number has been disconnected. I just can’t imagine why that would be. When I first started trying to call her I kept getting a busy signal and then later they started saying it was no longer in service. So I’m really, really worried. The last time I called I talked to her son and he said she was in the hospital with a kidney infection, but should get out the next day.

Well, anyway, I wrote a note and sent it to her address and asked for her or one of her kids to please let me know something. So I guess I will say, I trust you Jesus and I believe in angels. Take care of yourselves and each other and bye, bye for now.