New Hope Freewill Baptist Church

I appreciate the gentleman at Longhorn Steakhouse in Springfield, Mo. on Saturday, who was obedient to what God was telling him to do.  I am no longer having pain in my back, legs, feet or my shoulder.  I appreciate him for praying over me.

Sunday school   1. What does God require of man?  Micah 6:6-8, to do justly, be merciful, and to be humble always.  2.  What does God want of man?  I Sam. 15:17-23—he wants us to be obedient.  Ps. 51:5-10—hiding his word in our heart, having a right spirit, joy in our salvation and having a witness.  Rom. 12:1-2—to give ourselves to him for his reasonable service.  3.  How do we prove what is the good, acceptable, perfect will of god?  Eph. 5:1-11—be followers as children, walk in love, have the fruits of the spirit, Gal. 5:22-23.  We are here to fulfill what he wants us to do in our life.  Be holy, love our neighbors as ourselves, and take care of his temple.  God will share his love to others through us.    

Sunday morning-   Ps. 67:1-7,   how healthy are we spiritually?  Why aren’t we as quick to go to God and other Christians with our spiritual health as we are to go to a regular doctor with our physical health?  Our support system is in the church and in God.  Do we allow God to govern our household?  Are we willing to follow his leading in everything?

Sunday evening-  when was the last time you shared the gospel with someone?  Can you remember?  Is it because you haven’t shared enough or is it because you have shared so much?  Ps. 56:9-13.   We have to keep ourselves right so that when the opportunity arises we are ready and able to help someone else.  Ps. 59:16-17,   God is our defense and refuge, we have nothing to fear.

Be a voice—–Have a purpose