New Hope Freewill Baptist Church

Sunday school lesson today was on generations.  We are a chosen generation, a holy nation, and a royal priesthood.  In God’s eyes we are all the same—what makes us different from others is our faith which makes us seed to serve him (Ps 22:30).  Isaac and Ishmael were of the same generation but Isaac’s seed was promised because of his faith.  In God’s eyes there are two generations that have nothing to do with this point in time.  Noah walked with God and declared to his generation.  You can only serve one master.

Sunday morning lesson was from I Thess. 5:8-22.  What does God want from us?  Open eyes, open ears, heart open to receive.  We should hold others higher than ourselves.  Pick up someone who is down or let someone pick us up if we are having troubles.  Love and forgive always and focus on Christ.  “For God so loved the world……”

Sunday evening lesson was from I Cor. 14:13-26.  We all want to have a gift of the spirit.  Tongues is the one most spoken about and the one most misunderstood.  We learned through this scripture what is right and proper when speaking in tongues.  We also learned that prophesying is better for the edification of the church.