New Hope Freewill Baptist Church

Sunday school lesson today was about the eyes of God.  In Isaiah 11:1-5,  it tells us what the eyes of God is—Truth, Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Might, Knowledge, and the Fear of the Lord.  God will judge us with these things.  We are never hid from God, he sees everything in our heart.  If you are not submitting to God then you are probably lacking in interaction with him.  God will always guide you with his spirit.

Sunday morning—Be an inspiration to yourself and others.  Slow down and be in the moment.  People don’t realize that Jesus is all they need until he is all they have.  God gives you the “can do” but you have to “want to” but above all “will you”?  We all tend to think that someone else will do it, but what if they don’t?  How many more souls would be saved if we didn’t leave it to someone else?

Sunday evening—I have got to get involved.  Our ticket to heaven is a single seat ticket, we have to do our part.  We cannot piggyback on someone else’s salvation or prayers.  We have to do it for ourselves.  We must realize that even though God knows our needs we still need to ask him for what we need.  We cannot just ask someone to pray for us and then not pray for ourselves.  Why would God answer a prayer that you are not willing to pray?  It is our duty to do what we are called by God to do.  There is a world of somebodies who need “I have to get involved”.

Please keep our little church in your prayers.  Thoughts and prayers go out to Shanna and her family on the passing of her grandmother.