Mt. Tabor Church

We began our services with our pledges, singing and raising our prayers for family and friends up to the Lord. There are many needing prayer, many for salvation and our nation. We were glad for our visitors this morning.

Brother John Comer was our visiting preacher this morning, how glad we were to have him and Brenda. It was like old home week for some of us, that have known him since school days. He read Ephesians 4:11, with his main thought being that we must spend time in the scripture and have a strong prayer life. He told us several things about his Bible teaching at Drury, which was very interesting. We appreciated having Bro. John play the piano for congregational singing, it really helps out. We hope they will come again.

Visitors of Jewell Elliott Saturday were Logan, MaKayla and Nora Elliott. Logan and MaKayla spent the night, also. Sunday morning visitors were Shaun and LeAnna and Nora, James Elliott and Cody, Meghan and Connor Clevenger, of Chadwick.

Company for Harold and Kay Hutchison this past week was Dan, Kim, Morgan and Dylan Clements.

Kay Hutchison visited Monday afternoon with Beverly Robison. Dylan Clements had also visited her one afternoon.

Harold and Kay were in Springfield last Wednesday, having lunch with his sister, Lucille DeBerry. They also talked with her via phone, Saturday, wishing her happy birthday. Her children and other family gathered in the afternoon to surprise her.