Little Creek

My week has been good, made better with visits from Jeannie Pierce and sister, Lena, who came Thursday. Before that, I had dinner with my daughter, Karen, who stopped at Subway and bought us a healthy dinner. She also came Saturday with goodies beginning with large brown eggs from Greg’s hens. I appreciate it, Greg. She also brought a large aloe vera plant, which I had commented that I would like to have, and a heavy meat tenderizer with a flat side to just make the steak or chicken thinner. Anytime she finds something for herself that she likes, she gets me one also. Karen is a very nice person and an excellent daughter.

And Friday, my sweet little red head called me. She calls with concerns if I fail to write my items for a few weeks. She is Candy Lane, a nice lady you all know.

Charlie came Saturday evening with a Valentine, delivered late, but nice never-the-less. Charlie came without his hearing aid so didn’t stay to visit because he could not understand me. He told me Nina had called and Mike and wife had visited, as had Bill’s wife. His daughter, Lucy, Jones, has been in the hospital with pneumonia, following the flu.

I appreciate you all.

And I must say that I get a daily call from Kevin always ending with I love you Mom and I love him and all my kids. My son “Burr” Aaron called from out on the road. Ruth’s health has prevented her from driving with him and it gets lonely, so we talk for an hour or so discussing church news, politics, and happenings from home. Please keep Ruth in your prayers and all the truck drivers. Winters are hard on the truck drivers who try to make a living at it.

We had quite a day at club. The new bridge was washed out at the club side leaving a deep ditch which we couldn’t cross. Little Creek got up and came down the road as always because the water from the John Brown hill hollow has no way to get to the creek except down the road. So the road gets washed away and gets to the creek the best way it can. So they had to bring loads of rock to fill in and then smooth over. So Jim Frye crossed on the upper side and transported Robyn and I across in the four wheel drive and they got it repaired before quitting time. What we won’t do to get to club? Those quilting were Jean, Audrey, and Alma and Robyn worked on the rug and myself, I just wrote the minutes and washed dishes. I didn’t have a quilt to hem because I finished a hurry up quilt at home. Jim and Jim and Tom joined us for dinner. We missed Wayne and also Coleen who was sick. Also, Wanda, who is sick, but hopefully she will be back soon. And Ruth and Darold, Kim and Jo. Maybe with spring all will be back. And in closing, I’ll leave you with this thought – that the best things in life are not things.

Well here it is another week and I didn’t get my news in last week because I didn’t get them to the mailbox.

I got a call last night from step-daughter, Christine, with the good news that Lucy was home from the hospital and doing good. Let’s hope this flu season has about run it’s course. I had a flu shot and haven’t been sick so far.

I must tell Jamie Frye that I wish her many more birthdays. I’m sorry I failed to get best wishes on Facebook. I’m sure she had a very good birthday with granddaughter, Cori.

That date was also my Mom’s and Autum Miller’s birth dates. Three mighty fine and lovely people. I hope Autum can navigate her way through the teen years and turn out as well as her birth mates. She has a lot to live up too.

My mother aged gracefully and beautifully into the Granny role and was a role model for all of us young and old. She would be happy to know that Jamie is a faithful Christian who like her grandmother, is in church whenever the doors are open. We all talk of Granny Lee quite often and we all have a quilt or two of hers. I shared mine with my kids, who treasure them and memories of their Granny. Happy birthday in heaven, Mom, from your family.

I must get my Bible lesson started. I am taking two Bible courses and when Sunday comes, I am reminded that this day belongs to Him and so I will spend some time studying the Good Book and will try to write next week so that Miss Robyn can get them mailed for me.

My long time neighbor and special friend, Larry Warrick, stopped by for a most welcome visit. It is always good to talk to Larry.

Well, the rain came. I hear we got over seven inches which washed a ditch out against the new bridge across Little Creek.

I would like to send condolences to the Welton family. Erma Lee was ready for heaven and that is the most important thing to know. She will be missed by her family and her many friends.