Hello from our home to your home, the weather is the topic of any discussion around here lately.   

Yorik and Majik will be visiting our home next week. We have missed them since the bad weather has fallen on their days to visit.  Don and Misty are our Monday morning Bible Study Pastors and they have a large following in the study group.  In the afternoon after Bingo  we were blessed with the musical talents of  Vic and Carol Murdy, they sang the old-fashioned hymns, they always take requests.   It was so good to see them again.  The residents love singing with Vic and Carol.

Tuesday morning Ken Thomas and his boys were here playing the guitar and the fiddle.   Those boys grow each and every month.   Ken always ends with visiting the residents and  leading them in prayer and it is much appreciated.  In the afternoon we had our Valentines Party and had some great singing my our maintenance man, Carmen Smith and our speech therapist Scott Stacy. They sang some oldies, but goodies and they even took requests from the staff.   We had a blast with our party and especially when it was time to crown our royalty for the coming year.    Our King for the coming year is Elmer Bradford and our Queen for the new year is Mrs. Maxine Lirley.    Our employees had a hard time choosing this year with so many wonderful residents in our home.   The Dietary Department made cookies and staff helped pass out punch and cookies.    It was a wonderful afternoon.

Wednesday morning  Shine was here for a morning of music.   Boy, they sure do shine while they sing.   All you have to do is announce that the Bingo player is here with his sidekicks Erin and LeAnn. In the afternoon we watched a movie.   Mike Brazeal was here for Bible Study with What the Bible Says!    We missed Gunner as he was out sick.

Thursday morning we had the biggest treat, White River Electric Co-op was here volunteering some time with our residents.   The residents enjoyed decorating cookies with the WRE Co-op team members, Trisha Ruth, Tim Shafer and his son Ty Shafer, Joe Morgan and Curtis King. After we decorated the cookies we enjoyed a rousing game of Bingo with little Ty Shafer passing out candy treats to the winners.   They loved watching Ty and boy, did he get a lot of hugs from our residents.   In the afternoon we watched the dvd, “The Issacs from Norway” while Kristie Tate did Nifty Nails for the residents.

Friday morning we were glad to see the 1st Sonshine Group back with us, several residents  were glad they were back.  Edgar is such a cut up. In the afternoon we played Bingo and watched a movie.

Norma Stillings and Lola Mayberry were here for Saturday Church with the residents, followed by Bible readying with Bro. Tom Hawkins. The McCleary Family was here for music in the afternoon.  Our residents really enjoy the music.   Goodhope Nazarene was here for the afternoon service with the residents.   Bro. T.J. Torgerson is the pastor at Goodhope Nazarene.

We would like to welcome new residents to our home, they are: Harold Blair, Beulah Duncan, Selma Weidmeier  and  Joanna Lupton.

Our prayers and sympathy go out to the families of Pauline Bradshaw and R.J. Reynolds.

God Bless You From Our Home to Your Home.