My dad use to sing a song “Sweet Fern.” I believe the words were springtime is coming my lonesome little bird. Lots of signs of early Easter flowers coming up. Although James said we had put a bucket over them before. Robins have been around. Someone said those are northern Robins. Several signs of early spring, but those peeper frogs are usually right about a snow in February. Remember thunder in February means frost in May.

My sister celebrated her birthday Saturday, Feb. 17th. James and I timed it just right. We took our gift and card to Dot and her daughter, Shirley, and grandson and Dot were having birthday cake and ice cream. You think who’s Dot? She is Sybil, but to her family she will always be Dot. Rex and I called her sister a lot when we were young. She got several cards and gifts. Rex Halcomb visited her and took her a card on her birthday and visited with Shirley and Keith. Her kids and grandkids visited Saturday and Sunday and Loren and Hazel Maggard visited her Sunday. She got several nice cards and gifts.

Monday we visited Rex and Shirley Halcomb for Shirley’s birthday and also their anniversary. We took them gifts and a card. One of her gifts was a 5×7 picture of her and her deer she killed. She killed a very large buck. She received several birthday calls on that day.

Sympathy sent to Darrin Hawkins family. His parents are Bud and Pam. His grandparents are Roy and Connie Goin. Tuesday we visited Roy, Connie and their son, Darrell, at Subway in Sparta. Darrin had two young children.

Monday I saw a ground hog in Oldfield. Tuesday some geese went north. I predict early spring, but we may yo-yo up and down for several months. Farmers will be glad to see the grass grow. Some are buying more hay and it’s at a high price.

I want this flu bug to fly away.

Tuesday, James and I visited Gordon and Zelda Jones, Tammy Payne and grandkids.

Wednesday James and I visited Connie Siler.

Connie Siler visited her sister-in-law, Glenda Halcomb last week.

My items have a hard time getting to the Herald. So on a Saturday I had my items and another letter in the mailbox, came a little ice. The mailman did not come. I had to get it back out of the box so that was last weeks items. So I am going to take these in myself. I don’t blame anyone not driving on ice. But it was not too bad the day he did not come. I guess he wanted to get home before it hit hard. I don’t like getting out in it and caught and hard to get back home. I’ve done been there.

Share with you what I read and added a little bit to it.

February is almost over. I don’t mind if March arrives with a little wind (not likely) because it’s a sign to me. Winter’s about to end. Thank goodness.