Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center

Hello from our home to your home. We have really enjoyed the warm weather along with the rain this week.

Monday we started our day off  with Majik and her parents, Jon and Marilyn Slanton. Then Don and Misty Lunn along with Mrs. Gladys Peak was here for Monday morning Bible Study.   They also recalled some moments from Billy Graham’s life.   Good man, good memories.

Tuesday morning Joy Duncan from Three Rivers Hospice was here and the craft group made rainbows and painted them.   They were so pretty.

Wednesday morning Shine was here singing so bright.   We enjoy listening to them so much.  In the afternoon Sarah Johnson from Three Rivers Hospice was here and played Bingo with the residents.   What the Bible says was here in the afternoon with a large group studying the Bible.

Thursday morning we played Bingo with Connie and in the afternoon we watched the movie “Love Begins”.

Friday morning the 1st Sonshine Group was here and everyone had a good time listening to the devotions and music.   Jena Moyers was on the piano, Jim Porter on the mandolin, Sybil Gheer on the mandolin and Edgar on the guitar.   Some mighty fine picking.   Bingo was played in the afternoon with the winners receiving candy from Walgreens Drug Store.

Saturday morning Norma Stillings and Lola Mayberry was here for a sing-a-long. Following the music Bro. Tom Hawkins gave his devotional and according to some it was very inspiration.  Sunday morning Larry and Patsy Moore was here for Sunday School with the residents.  In the after Goodhope General Baptist Church was here for a wonderful worship service with the residents.   The smaller children always bring the residents gifts.  They enjoyed their shamrock with the Bible verse on it.

God Bless You From Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center in Ava, MO.