Dogwood Ramblings

Are you as full up of commercials as me?  A couple of days ago I got up, fed the fur babies, got a cup of coffee and settled on the couch to see what was on TV.  For almost 15 minutes I went from channel to channel and each one was just commercials, most of them repeats, trying to get your money for one thing or another with 5 to 7 commercials one right after another.  I realize that this pays for the channels but………

Had a nice day Friday and went to lunch with Alice Nelson and popped into a couple of stores for necessities and then home.  Wore me out for sure!

Sunday turned out to be a nice day and I had a noon time visitor.  Good thing I like my home as I spend so much time here.  A few closets have been cleaned out and that was needed and is rewarding.  Sort of like spring cleaning, on the slow track.

Nothing new to report on this quiet hill and I hope it stays quiet.  Do remember to pray for the many needing our prayers, here and worldwide.