County Line

Donna Dodson came by on Monday. Jo Stephens stopped by on Tuesday. Donna came by while Jo was here.

Get-well wishes to Linda Rogers in Illinois, who had ankle surgery.

Bryse Dodson played baseball in West Plains Friday afternoon. He fished in a tournament on Saturday at Lake of the Ozarks.

Quin Breeding spent Friday night with Wyatt Marler.

Hellen Blakey visited Jo and John Stephens on Saturday.

Those helping Max and Jo celebrate their birthdays were: John Stephens, Kathy Stephens, Lisa Hensley, Ivan Lawson and Eric Stephens.

Megan Goforth visited Evan Horn on Saturday.

Macee Breeding, Donna and I had lunch and got groceries Saturday. Macee spent the night with Donna and David.

Donna and Megan did some shopping on Sunday afternoon.