County Line

Donna Dodson was here on Monday. She also came by Tuesday and Wednesday to check for mail.

John and Jo Stephens, Lisa Hensley, and Kathy Stephens went to Springfield on Tuesday.

Donna, Quin Breeding and Macee Breeding came by on Thursday. I had made Donna a birthday cake on Wednesday for her birthday, but they ate some on Thursday.

Those visiting John and Jo Stephens on Thursday were Kathy Stephens, Jane Call and Jordan Lada.

Quin Breeding spent Friday night with Wyatt Marler.

Reece Goforth came to Ava on Thursday. He turned 20 on Friday. I wish him many more Happy Birthdays.

Keith and Melanie Breeding went to Lebanon on Saturday to watch Quin play basketball.

Donna, Megan, Macee and I went to lunch and then shopping on Saturday.

Macee Breeding spent Saturday night with David and Donna.

Lisa Hensley visited John and Jo Stephens on Saturday.

Bentley Iott spent the weekend in Branson to help Brinton Bushong celebrate his birthday. I wish him many more Happy Birthdays also.

Bryse Dodson visited David and Donna on Sunday evening.

Max and Kathy Stephens, Lana Stephens, and Eric Stephens visited John and Jo Stephens on Sunday.

Happy Birthday in March to Jo Stephens and Max Stephens the 10th, and Macee Breeding the 21st. I wish you many more.

Debra Reed of Kansas called this week.