Church of the Living God

Our morning started with prayer. Sister Norma read our devotions from Proverbs chapter 30, verses 5-10. Then we lifted our prayer requests to the Lord.

Sister Linda taught the adult Sunday school class. Sister Susan and Sister Misty taught the children’s Sunday school class. There were several new faces in service again today. God is greatly blessing our church with many souls seeking after Him.

There were many special songs for our Lord this morning. It was wonderful to hear all the songs of praise.

Pastor Lonnie brought God’s message from Psalms chapter 103, verses 1-4, “Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless His holy name. Bless the Lord O my soul, and forget not all His benefits.” Do we really remember all of His benefits? Do we take advantage of all of God’s benefits? When we are considering a new job we ask about the benefit package. Things such as insurance, vacation, etc. We use the benefits of our jobs here on this earth. If we are sick we use our insurance, if we need time to relax we use our vacation. But do we really know all the benefits our heavenly Father has for us? He has forgiven all our sins. How wonderful to know our greatest benefit is being cleansed from all our sin. He healeth all our diseases.  He has saved our lives from destruction. He has given us all His loving kindness and mercy. Are we using the benefits that God has given us? Do we live like we are forgiven to show others that they can be forgiven also? Do we ask him for healing of spirit and body? He is the Great Physician. Do we take vacation in Him when we need rest? God has so many benefits for us, and the best part is, there is now waiting period for them to begin, and they never expire. We can never over use our benefits in God. Remember His benefits, use His benefits, share His benefits with others and bless Him for each and every one.

We had a great time of fellowship after service with a fried chicken dinner with all the trimmings. It was a lot of fun to visit with all our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Our evening service started with prayer. Once again we lifted our requests to the Lord. There were many wonderful songs of praise to our Lord.

Brother Don brought God’s message from Luke chapter 14, verses 15-24, “…A certain man made a great supper, and bade many.” The meal was prepared and ready. The  servants went to tell the ones who were invited. Everyone had an excuse why they could not come. The reasons were not anything of great importance that should keep them away, they were simply excuses. The certain man was angry. He told his servants to bring in the poor, the maimed, and blind to his feast. They did, and still there was room for more. The certain man desired that his house be filled, so he sent his servants to the highways and hedges to beg people to come to the feast. Could this story that Jesus told be applied to our churches today? Have we, God’s servants invited all to come to partake in a spiritual feast? Did we give up when no one came? Did we go out and invite everyone we saw? Did we look for more in the most unlikely of places? Do we want our Lord’s House to be filled? We say we have invited everyone and they all had excuses why they could not come. Did we really find everyone that needed an invitation? Don’t ever give up. God’s house can be filled for His great feast.