Breedon News

Opening Sunday school, Joe Lafferty read the 129th Psalm.

Bill Harper led the opening prayer. Our adult class changed our lesson from the old books of the Bible to the new. We started in Matthew yesterday. I like the old Bible, but it is so much history and after a while it gets kind of boring. The New Testament is more about Jesus, and his life.

Everyone got to church and Sunday school on time. They set their clocks up. It takes a little while to get used to, but I like it when we all get used to is. I don’t play golf or anything, but if you want to cookout you have more light in the evening. By the same token, when they set them back in the fall everything gets dark so fast.

We had a good spirit-filled service. It seems good to feel the spirit. A few of our grandchildren were in the attendance. If they had all been there, the church would really be full and overflowing. They all are a good bunch. Since this writer didn’t have any children, it seems good. So much for that.

David Williams took up the morning offering. Judy Willis and Laura Willis did a special as well as Syndy Willis and Judy Willis and granddaughter. Joe preached the morning sermon on the fifth chapter of Romans and prayed a prayer. The congregation sang a few songs, then we sang an invitational song. We were dismissed by Michael Willis Jr.

The evening service started at 6 p.m. We sang a few songs. David Williams and Sue Sisco played an organ and piano song then Ronnie and Sue Thomas and David Williams sang a few more songs. Then we practiced a few songs to sing for the Revival at Mt. Calvary’s Revival next week from March 12 through Friday, March 16. Marvin Loftin is the pastor.

Joe’s message for the evening was from the 15th chapter of Romans. We were dismissed by Ronnie Thomas.