Breedon News

Opening Sunday school Joe Lafferty read the 130th Psalm. Evelyn Harper led in prayer. We finished the books of Chronicles. We (our class) decided to change our lesson starting in Matthew, next Sunday. The old Bible is good, but all history. We need to study something that the younger generation can relate to, and understand better; and the life of Christ. We had questions and answers and questions for next week were given. Darryl Hampton took up the morning offering. The congregation sang songs. Some of us are still fighting sinus and colds. When we get some sun, maybe everyone will feel better.

Joe Lafferty preached during the  11 o’clock hour on the 15th chapter of St. John. We sang the invitational song. Bill Harper dismissed us in prayer. We started our Sunday night service last night. We had a testimony service and we had altar prayer for Lee Hampton, he has to have surgery on his throat. We are praying that it will let him talk clearer.

Joe’s message this evening was the 16th chapter of St. John. The congregation sang. Specials by Susie Sisco and David Williams who played organ and piano solos. Joe Lafferty, Susie Sisco and David also sang a special together as did Ronnie Thomas and Sue Thomas. We joined hands in a circle and had prayer for Lee Hampton. He has to have surgery on his throat this week. We all need to pray for him and each other.

We were dismissed by the altar prayer.

Don’t forget Friday night singing at 7:00 p.m. I always enjoy group singing. I like it all.

Until next week, God bless.