Breedon News

Nothing so exciting as mountain lions or bears, oh my, not this week. This week it’s skunks…yes, skunks. In case you didn’t know, it’s skunk mating season in these parts. We were just thinking the other day that we hadn’t seen many skunks on the roads this year. Sometimes I think it is dangerous to think too much, because the next three or four trips to town we dodged skunks all the way there and back. We thought surely we were going to hit one of the little stinky striped critters last Thursday night going to the ballgame at Dora because it was in the middle of the road going in circles. After we dodged it we had the overpowering aroma of skunk in our vehicle. I think it had already been hit, or scared badly. The unlucky car behind us did hit it. Was that car unlucky or was the skunk? I wonder if that car still smells like skunk because I still get a whiff when I first get in our car. Saying all that, I think I’d rather see the skunks as the bears and lions.

There was a large gathering last Sunday at the Bradleyville School Cafeteria to celebrate the 90th birthday of Edna Mae Johnson. Edna’s birthday was actually on the 16th of February. Her son, Delbert and wife, Lorri, and Edna’s daughter, Kathleen and husband Roger Chaney hosted the event, along with several grandchildren. There was a table loaded down with good things to eat and drink while visiting with lots of family and friends. Elsie Combs and Emogene Schmidt, both of Edna Mae’s sisters and Joyce Davidson, her sister-in -law were able to be there with her for her special day. I saw several of my old classmates while we were there. I don’t mean to stress the word “old” but it is what it is.

Joe Combs also celebrated a birthday last week on the 22nd. They say seventy is the new fifty so ask Joe if he feels that is true. That used to be George Washington’s birthday too, until they moved it around and added all the other presidents in with his. I guess it is still George Washington’s birthday, they only moved the holiday so some people could have a three day weekend. Wish they could move mine time, maybe ten or twenty years backwards. I don’t mind being the age I am, but sure would like rid of the aches and pains that come with getting older.

We had two new babies make their first appearances at New Mansion Church last Sunday. Three week old Miss Ellison Ervin arrived with her parents, Serena and Derrick Ervin. Ellison was such a cutie, dressed in something flowery that looked so fresh and springtime. Josh Marsh came with his little boy, four year old Noah and brought his new little foster baby girl, only eight days old. Josh was on his own as Mommy was gone to a conference and said he was exhausted but doing very well.

Our other New Mansion baby is Sammi Jo and Mike Gailey’s baby boy, Rhett, who was born a bit prematurely on February 3. Rhett hasn’t been to church yet but was diagnosed with RSV last weekend and was admitted to the hospital for observation. Prayers on his behalf would be much appreciated. RSV is very dangerous for young children and babies and especially preemies. In an adult it is just a bad cold but for these young kids and babies it can be life threatening. Wash, wash, wash your hands and please don’t be around little ones if you feel unwell.

I forgot to mention last week that at the ballgame when they honored the 1968 state basketball team members, Kourtney Shipley made the 2000th point of her career. Kourtney is a senior this year and an outstanding ball player.

The Lady Eagles won first place in district play last week against Dora and will be moving on this week. By the time the paper comes out they will have played South Iron High School and will know if they are playing in the state tournament or their season is over. The boys ended their season with a second place at districts, but played an amazing game against a very tough Dora team. Several of the ball players, both boys and girls got district team awards, but I am not going to try to name them all because I’m afraid I will leave somebody out.

If you have any news, please contact me. Until next week, be happy.