Bradleyville News

We were excited to get to go watch our Bradleyville Lady Eagles as they played in the State Championship tournament last week. It was called the Show-Me Showdown and it was really fun to watch. We joined hundreds of others from the area to watch as the Lady Eagles played Glasgow last Friday morning and had a huge win. A fun fact is that Glasgow is the same team that the boys State team from 1968 played, in the exact place in the tournament as the girls played 50 years later. Then on Saturday the Lady Eagles went up against Mound City in the Championship game. The girls played hard and well, but Mound City prevailed to take home the number one spot in the state for this year. We are so proud of our Lady Eagles, the “Chicks From the Sticks” for advancing so far this year. Second place in state is nothing to sneeze at and as one of my friends commented, there is only one other team in the state that wouldn’t trade places with them. The Lady Eagles had a wonderful season and we are expecting great things from them in the future.

Lady Eagles coach, Autumn Thomas earned the well deserved honor of “Coach of the Year” from the Mark Twain Conference, while Kourtney Shipley received the MVP award from the MTC. Gracie Shipley and Emily Williams made the 1st team, all conference, Anna Turner made 2nd team, all conference, and Dorian Hayes and Tay Sims got honorable mention. I don’t want to forget the boys team either, they did very well this year and several of them made the conference teams also. Brady Rogers and Ethan Todd both made the 2nd team, all conference, while Riley Combs and Caleb Blair both got honorable mention. The Bradleyville community is a basketball loving community and we are all proud of each player that has worked so hard for these accomplishments.

We also have some of the finest music students in the state, along with our music teacher, Mrs. Chris Sprague. The Bradleyville Music classes had districts last Saturday and Mrs. Sprague reports that for the first time, each and every student that went to districts earned a spot at State this year. I am not sure when that occurs but wish them the best. I am sure they will all do a fantastic job. The Screaming Eagle Band also got to play at the State Tournament on Thursday evening and did a great job.

If you see Virginia Clayton this week, tell her Happy Birthday. I heard it through the grapevine that she is having a birthday this week sometime.

I ran down to Robyn’s Treasure Barn this past Saturday before we went to the game and found a red Paula Deen pie plate to match the cake dish that son David got me for Christmas several years ago. Never know what you’ll find there, but there is always something there I want…I mean need.

It’s almost time for my annual, start seeds indoors fiasco. Every year I think I will start my tomato and pepper plants and a few other plants indoors to keep from having to buy the more expensive plants, and to get just the variety I want. I used to grow some good looking plants that way, but it seems I have lost my touch. Each year for the past few years I plant the seeds, do everything I am supposed to do, and end up with some nice plants, and some scraggly plants that might or might not grow. One year I started them too early, and didn’t have my garden prepared for them when they got big enough to transplant. I have no idea what I am doing different, but each year I feel like I have to try again, so maybe this will be the year.

Not much more news can top the exciting games that happened this week, or maybe I just wasn’t paying attention to anything else. Call me if you have news you want included.