Bradleyville News

This last weekend was quite an eventful weekend. Our daughter Julie and her kids stayed the weekend with us while Scott was on his drill weekend with the Missouri Air National Guard and that is always fun to have them with us. Lots of playing and fussing between the kids and we usually find something fun to do. This weekend we decided to all load up and go to the ballgame, so with the help of Kendra Day we all took off to Van Buren. All four kids plus us three don’t fit in our Jeep, so Julie and two of the kids rode with Kendra and Grandpa and I took the other two and we made it there and back just fine. Makenna wore her tutu to help cheer the girls on, and all had popcorn, pop, and candy plus whatever else I could cram into my purse. I need a larger purse. The ride there and back was very entertaining too, with Makenna singing and talking all the way.

Everybody probably knows already but I am so proud to say the Bradleyville Lady Eagles made history again last Saturday when they won their game against Scott County Central in a big way, thirty two points big. It was a good game and so exciting. I think most of Bradleyville and surrounding areas were there to watch and cheer them on. Since they got a win, they are in the State tournament, the Final Four, and will be playing against Glasgow at the JQH arena in Springfield on March 9, Friday morning at 11:00 a.m. If they win that game, they will play again Saturday, March 10 at 2:40 p.m. for the championship game, again at the JQH arena. Everybody get out and support your Lady Eagles as they make history!

My heart was very full at church Sunday morning as I received one of the biggest blessings of my life. Our grandson, Hayden Crouch announced that he has been called to preach the gospel. Sunday night we were privileged and honored to be able to hear the first sermon he has preached. His sermon was from Genesis 22, the story of God asking Abraham to offer his son, Isaac for a sacrifice and how God stayed his hand at the last moment and provided a ram for a sacrifice instead. It focused on Abraham’s obedience and faithfulness. It was a sermon I know I needed to hear again. Our family has always been so proud of Hayden and what a fine young man he has grown up to be.

I mentioned last week that little Rhett Gailey had been in the hospital with RSV and am happy to report he only had to stay overnight and got to come home. His grandma Kim Norwine said at church he was doing very well.

Levi Lux earned a first place spot in the Science Olympiad he recently competed in with his “battery buggy”. The buggy had to go a certain distance and stop within a certain distance. Now he heads off to state competition.

Levi Lux and Emma Marsh have also been competing in Taneyville School’s archery competitions and doing very well.

The bridge construction at Brownbranch is under way but they still haven’t knocked the old bridge down. I won’t report on it much because the last time I did I got it all wrong. I thought they were making a drive around the Caney side bridge, but you can still drive on the highway right up to State Hwy. W and turn. I am afraid I sent the propane truck driver around the ridge with my mis-information so won’t say anymore.

Call, text, e-mail or facebook me with your news. Until next week, be happy.