Bethany Baptist Church

The Ladies met for their Bible study, Friday and began a study of Revelation by reading some chapters in the Book of Daniel for background. They will also be reading many other scriptures in order to get a good picture of what the Bible says about the end time.

Debra Bohnstedt came to Ava, Tuesday to spend the afternoon with her mother, Norma Stillings. She had picked up three quilts that had been machine quilted for her at Seymour. She wanted to put bindings on them to get them ready to give as gifts. One was given to Jody Stillings and two were given to Darlene Sorensen as gifts for her granddaughters.

Norma Stillings had attended the Resident Council, Tuesday morning at the Heart of the Ozarks  before having lunch with Debra. Norma drove her friend, Paulette Walls, to a doctor’s appointment last Wednesday morning in Ozark. Then Norma had her own vision appointment, Thursday morning, and went to club at Missy Shay’s Thursday afternoon. Friday morning, Diane Hannaford came to work in Norma’s yard to clean up flower beds and sack up the yard trash that had accumulated over the winter. Altogether it was a busy week.   

Darlene Sorensen sang a special song, Sunday morning before Pastor Roberts Sorensen brought his message on “Standing Strong for the Lord.”

Jesus is coming soon. If we are going to be standing strong for the Lord when he calls for us to “Come up hither,” we must be born again. We must be surrendered to the will of God, have our hand on the sword (the Bible), and have a hatred for sin. We need to possess a holiness that separates us from a sinful world. Salvation is a free instantaneous gift not obtained by works but by repenting and calling upon the name of the Lord. Sanctification is a lifelong process. We spend a life time in the effort to conform to the image of the Son. We need to have a habit of obedience to God and be praying always in order to be standing strong when it is time to meet the Lord.