Bethany Baptist Church

Miss Khari Sorensen finally made her appearance, Friday, February 23 and was welcomed by her parents, Luke and Shauna Sorensen, her grandparents, Pastor Bob and Darlene Sorensen, big sister, Kaylee, and a good many more. Pictures appeared on Facebook that showed just how beautiful a newborn can be. Pastor and Darlene arrived back home, Monday afternoon. We all agreed that one of God’s best miracles is the gift of life that is granted to an infant.

The Ladies met for a Bible Study, Friday at the home of Norma Stillings. They finished the “Study in Contrasts” and will start a study of the Book of Revelation.

Norma Stillings played the piano and visited at the Heart of the Ozarks, Saturday morning and then drove to Mansfield to Rocky Ridge, Monday afternoon to play the piano and visit there. Both visits were truly a blessing for Norma.

Our speaker in the Sunday and Wednesday evening services was Jeff Corder. Jeff and Stephanie go to Price Place Church just a little way over into Arkansas to conduct Sunday morning services there. They are well loved at that place as they are here.

Our guest speaker, Sunday, in the absence of Pastor Sorensen was Mickey Muse. He and his wife, Kim, had just returned from Florida.

Brother Muse spoke on the “Practice of Praise.” His message had basically two points, “How to Praise and Why Praise?”

True praise is with personal heartfelt gratitude, verbally not just in the heart, and continually in the good times and the bad. Why? Our faith is strengthened when we magnify the Lord. Our fears are banished when we focus on the good things of God and not on our selves. Practice of praise confuses the enemies of the Lord and produces victory. The practice of praise brings God blessings upon us. It is better to praise than to pout.