Ava General Baptist Church

What a beautiful day for worship Sunday morning.  Our worship started with prayer, music and praise as always. Bro. Oren’s message, “Take Hold of Faith,” was from the scriptures of Luke 5:1-16.  Jesus was talking to the crowds and when Peter and the boats came back from fishing all night with no catch, Jesus stepped into Peter’s boat.  Jesus then told him to go out to the deep waters and throw over his fishing nets. I’m sure Peter was thinking why, when they had just come back from fishing all night and they had no luck.  But, he did as Jesus said and wow, what a haul they made.  It took more than one boat to bring all the fish to shore.  To Peter, it must have made no sense to go out again, but he obeyed Jesus.  When we obey in faith, Jesus will put us where we belong, and our blessings will overflow our boats.  God has a plan for every life, but we need to believe, have faith and step out in obedience.  He will take care of the rest.

We are practicing our Easter Cantata at 5 p.m. every Sunday, so we invite anyone who wants to join and sing with us, to come join in.  There’s still time and we have CD’s made if you want to take it home and practice to catch up.  On Sunday night, March 25th, our evening services will be dismissed and our choir will have an extended practice to get everything just right for the Cantata.   We will present this special on Easter morning, April 1st, in both services.

Remember next Saturday night to turn your clocks forward for daylight savings time, so you won’t be late for church on Sunday.  Yeah, I know, we miss that hour of sleep so it’s to bed an hour earlier.  On March 12th, the band “The Stray” will be live in concert at the American Legion building at 7 p.m. This is free admission and the guest speaker will be Brad Hurtig. The concert is sponsored by the FCA and we hope you come and get a blessing from it.

On March 25th, we will have one big service at 10:00 a.m. to celebrate our Grand-Re-Opening, and that just happens to be on Palm Sunday, so it’s going to be extra special.  Bro. Oren won’t give much away about what’s going to happen that morning, but he did say to come hungry.  Not just for the Word, which we’ll have plenty of, but it sounds like we are going to fill our bellies too.  I’ve heard somewhere that that’s what Baptists do best.  God has really blessed us, and our church family and we want to share and celebrate His faithfulness by sharing His word and have some fellowship with each other.

We have lots of people on the list for needed prayers.  Part of being a servant of God is to lift others in need up to Jesus for healing, comfort, mercy and grace. We want to remember our missionaries serving others in our country and abroad and the service men and women who face dangers daily fighting for our freedoms.  Pray for the doctor’s and researchers who are working with cancer patients and on cancer research.  Pray for peace and comfort for anyone who may be feeling the loss of someone close to them. Remember Laverne Ashby, Barbara Harper, Max and Mona Decker, the family of Linda Leonard, Maddie Thompson, Sandi Stagg, Freeda Holt, Hubert Welton and Daisy Shull. These names are just a few mentioned, but if you want to see the list of prayer needs you can like us on facebook or look us up on our web address at avageneral.com.

Jesus wants us to be fishers of men and to do that, we can’t let our nets get full of distractions and garbage.  God has a plan for each one of us.   It is up to us to believe, have faith to be obedient and let Jesus in the boat.  Let Him lead you where He wants you to go.  It’s scary sometimes, I know it is for me.  Pray for me and for one another to be strong in the Word and to stay strong in the faith, to let God lead us where He needs us.  Have a wonderful week and we’ll see you next Sunday.  God bless.