T.O.P.S. #9720 met on Feb. 6 at 10:30 with 5 T.O.P.S. and 3 K.O.P.S. Total weight loss was 9.8 pounds! Boni was the high loser. All K.O.P.S. were in leeway.

Boni gave the lesson from the Real Life: The Hands-On, Pounds-Off Guide about the difference between mindless eating and instinctual eating. Mindless eating is when you stop because you suddenly realize the food is gone and you don’t remember eating it. Instinctual is when you stop eating when you are content. Our goal is to stop when we are content. Boni pointed out that it is not just will-power, but understanding the why’s of our eating habits.

1. Why, when and what do I eat? Most of us are habit driven: eat breakfast, snack, eat lunch, snack, eat dinner, snack, almost in a mindless round. Some eat by the clock, others eat when the stomach starts growling. Whichever you may be, understanding that may help you understand where the extra pounds are coming from. Switching from raisins in your oatmeal to blueberries is simple and slimming.

How much do I eat​? And do I always add seconds? It takes about 20 minutes for the stomach to let the brain know it is content. Eat slowly, mindfully, and trust your portion control. Have remedies for that 20 minute lag: linger over the last bites of food or have a cup of coffee or tea and relax.

We appreciate the good lesson, Boni. Also, I brought homemade red cabbage slaw for the members to taste. One serving is 1 cup thinly sliced red cabbage, 1 cup shredded carrots, and 2 teaspoons of a dressing of your choice. I chose Lite Sweet Videlia. It was really tasty.

The winner of the Calendar Game for January is Audrey. The other contests are Loser Lotto, Sole Survivor and the Teddy Bear Buddy Contest.

We closed with the Circle of Friends.

T.O.P.S. (Take off Pounds Sensibly) is a non-profit international weight loss support group open to anyone 7 years of age or older. Visitors are always welcome! The weigh-in is Tuesday mornings from 10:00 to 10:20 A.M., with the meeting from 10:30 – 11:15 A.M. at the Remnant Church at 941 SW 4th Ave., Ava, MO. Contact Boni McKee at (816) 786-3413 for information or directions. General information is also available online at www.tops.org or by calling (800) 932-8677.