Sweden Church

“…for the battle is the Lord’s…” (I Samuel 17:47)  David said it just before he went out to slay Goliath.  For anyone interested in the battles of the Bible, there is a comprehensive list on the website constantlyreforming.wordpress.com.

“He will keep the feet of the saints, and the wicked shall be silent in darkness; for by strength shall no man prevail.” (I Samuel 2:9)  The next verse goes on to spell out what will happen to the adversaries of the Lord.  The text of the sermon came from Joshua 3.  The Israelites are preparing to cross the Jordan River and Jericho is just beyond.  Joshua has told them that the living God is with them.  He then goes on to list all of the peoples which will be driven out of Canaan. (Joshua 2:10)

David had faith, strong faith.  He remembers as a young boy tending his father’s sheep, the encounter he had with a bear.  A young boy, maybe twelve years old, and a bear–who will win that battle?  Most would go with the bear.  But this is one after God’s own heart.  He protects the young David, not once but again when a lion threatens David.  David has come to know his Savior well.  And his faith has grown because of it.  By the time he challenges the champion of the Philistines, he has the faith it takes to say the words uttered at the beginning of this article.

Joshua has this same faith.  He’s walked across when the Red Sea was parted; he’s seen the Egyptian army perish; and, he’s seen the Lord prevail when he fought Amalek.  Those today aren’t eye witnesses like these two men were.  But, those who believe the Bible can still bear witness to the testimonies that are contained in the inerrant word of God.  “So then faith cometh by hearing (or reading), and hearing (or reading) by the word of God.” (Romans 10:17)

It’s the same today as it was then.  The battle is still the Lord’s.  Faith is required of believers now just as it was then.  All of us on this earth have our own battles to fight, our own struggles to overcome.

There’s a little magazine on the market called Simple Grace.  In it are testimonies of people who have had difficulties to overcome.  One just recently was about a young woman who was badly burned.  There was much for her to overcome.  She had lost her looks, home, husband, and the ability to care for her daughter.  God stuck with her and slowly, slowly, she began having small victories.  One day she heard God whisper to her, “You’re going to be okay.”

God’s whisper is more precious that all that the world possesses.  The God of the universe whispers to His own.  How magnificent is that?

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