Sunday morning service was opened with prayer and songs.

Brother Claude Robertson did a beautiful job with the special.

Brother Roberts brought the message from Psalms 118:24-29,”Staying Up In Life. “

We missed the ones who were sick and unable to be in church Sunday.

Visitors in our home this week were Donna Bannister, Bevy Moore, Pauline Okhuysen, Ron Smith, Beth Stafford, Darrell Jr. and Dustin Logan, Shawn, Summer, Caidence and Conner Johnson.

I have been celebrating my birthday for a week and continue to do so for a few more days. I am thankful that God saw fit to let me enjoy another year.

I have received a lot of cards and good wishes.

Delmar and I are doing well and so far have stayed healthy this winter.

Until next week, I want to seek God first.