Rock Chapel Freewill Baptist Church

Upcoming Events:  Quarterly meeting at Willow Springs Church-February 10th 9-noon.  Valentine’s dinner February 11th at 5 p.m. with games/ ladies bring desserts.

Shelby Housley’s class were greeters today.  Carrie Guilliams did Children’s Church today. Helen Batten appreciates all those filling in while 10 church ladies went on a cruise.  Alice Sullivan led congregational singing while Sharon Renfrow played the piano.  Jamie Guilliams did a special.  Bro. Rick was teasing today about almost being out of food since his wife was on the trip.  He would really be glad when she was back.  Everyone was in good spirits even though the weather is cold and some have been sick.

Prayer requests: Beth Matheny, Gina Williams, Jenny Harker, Buck Coffman, Nathan Roth, Kaye Garrison, Sharon Marler, those with flu, Glenda Moore, Brian Brewer, Skyler McKee, Glenda Jones, Grace Kelley, family from Grove who had the fire, victims in California, and our country.

Anniversary:  Scott and Debbie Parkes.

January birthdays:  Tony Serghides, Jamison Guilliams, Mike Housley, and Elizabeth Hinote.

Steve and Tabby Raney have a new grandson.

Today, I watched the video of the church service so I could do a church article.  Jimmie Marler tapes weekly for those who can’t be in service.  Two weeks ago I had to go on a new chemo, so I can not get the flu, so I have been staying away from people except clinic visits.  The video was very good.  Bro. Rick preached from John 15:13 and Romans 5: 7-8.  “Greater love has no man than someone lay down his life for another”.  Bro. Rick told us to think about what it would be like to have someone die for you.  Why would Jesus die for sinners?  He saw what they could be.  When do we become a changed creature?  When you receive Christ, how do you change?  One thing you don’t talk in the same way; you don’t get angry over things; you are not as selfish as you once were.  He gave examples of men in the Bible who were Godly but not perfect- David, Paul, etc.  Wages of sin is death.  When we get saved, we still have to work and struggle.  Be faithful on this side, and we won’t have to worry about sin in Heaven.  For the time, God doesn’t expect us to be perfect; He just expects us to keep on trying.

Bro. Rick’s numbers:  683-5657 or 250-0918.

Welcome home ladies from your trip.