Quad Cities

2-15-18. I hope everyone had a nice Valentine’s Day. We celebrated by going to Vision Center for Walt’s eyes checkup. I’m happy to say the doctor was very pleased with how things look in his eyes. He showed me a picture of the big improvement in his left eye compared to the last time he was there. We planned to eat out to celebrate Valentine’s Day which was also our 14th year anniversary that we’ve been together, but alas, we stayed up too late watching to see if Shaun White got his gold this time and I’m thankful to say he did. We were really rooting for him and happy for him that he got it, so we were too tired to do anything yesterday except to go to the Vision Center and stop by the store and get a few groceries. Then this morning the fog is so thick we will wait until tomorrow to finish running our errands. We’ve got several now that the weather has warmed up enough we can get out. It melted most of the snow so that’s good. We were kind of planning to go to Muscatine today and meet Anita for lunch, but too far to go in the fog. The weather man said the melting snow was causing the fog.  I had a really nice phone visit with Wayne Henderson one day. He reminded me that this year is the 60th anniversary of our high school graduation. I’m still in shock. That is a long, long time. He’s trying to find out if some of our classmates in Ava, MO. can get a reunion set up. I’m pretty sure itwould be our last one. So many of our classmates are no longer with us and I keep seeing more and more in the Herald who have passed. I was surprised and very sorry to hear that Benny Hutchison had passed. I was hoping I could see him again if I was able to go to another reunion. I was so happy I got to see as many as I did the time I went. So I’ll say, I trust you Jesus and I believe in angels. Take care of yourselves and each other and bye, bye for now.