Mt. Tabor Church

We began our services with the pledges, and prayers for so many in need: the bereaved, the lost, our nation, several still struggling with the “bug” the second time around and those facing surgeries.

We had a very good Sunday school lesson, still studying about faith. Faith the size of a mustard seed would not be very big, but can do powerful things. Use it or lose it might go very good with faith.

James Elliott and Shaun Elliott spent time at Jewell’s,  Sunday. They were doing some much appreciated mechanic work.

Pat Lansdown visited her sister, Jeanne Cox, and her grandson, Lincoln, one afternoon.

Danny, Kim and Grant Clements visited Harold and Kay Hutchison one evening.

Kay Hutchison attended a Piland Youth Camp Board meeting, Saturday.  If things go according to plan, camps will be held in June and July.