Mt. Tabor Church

Like the majority of the folks in our area, we canceled services, Sunday. Driving and walking was treacherous, most of the day and evening. We continue to pray for the bereaved, the lost and those facing surgeries in the near future. Pray for our church as we go forward, in search of a fill-in preacher and pastor.

Lots of folks continue to fight the flu bug and the bug seems to be winning. Hope it soon lets up and people will no longer be afraid to venture out.

Nina Carter stopped by Jewell Elliott’s, Friday.  Jewell and Nina have both been on the sick list, but are better now.

Visitors with Harold and Kay Hutchison the past week were Dylan and Grant Clements, Dan, Kim and Morgan Clements.

Jerry Pool and Don Bishop stopped by on their way home from fishing and shared the catch of the day with Harold and Kay Hutchison, very good.

Very sorry to hear our former neighbor, Imogene Madewell, has spent time in the hospital, lately. Our very best to her.

Kay Hutchsion attended a Missouri Association Planning meeting, Friday evening.