Mt. Tabor Church

Worship began with our usual pledges, singing, followed by many prayers for our families, the lost and bereaved, as well as our nation. We were so happy to have visitors this morning, we always welcome them.

We had a most interesting lesson on Faith and Works. Always lots of discussion and different opinions, which is what Sunday school is all about.

Brother Michael read Luke 5:1-11, the familiar story of the fishermen with no fish. Sometimes we say we have tried this over, and over, but have we launched out in the deep, yet. To be fishers of men we have to get off the shore, an excellent message.

Many in this community and others are fighting the flu bug, and others are staying in as much as they can, to avoid it.

James Elliott, Shaun, LeAnna, MaKayla, Logan and Nora Elliott, were with Jewell Elliott, Saturday evening for fun and games.

Dylan and Grant Clements spent a few hours with Harold and Kay Hutchison, Thursday evening. Grant is such fun to play with.

Dan and Kim Clements and Grant, also stopped by one evening for a short visit.

Kristy Tackett, Steven Tackett, Stephanie Mishler and Joey, all from the Joplin area, spent Friday night and Saturday with Harold and Kay Hutchison. Everyone enjoyed food, playing games and playing with Joey, such fun.

Bill Johnson visited Harold Hutchison, Sunday morning.

Kay Hutchison visited in the home of Veda Bushong, last Friday. Others there at the time were Lynn and Linda, of Illinois, Johnny and Debbie Reed, Kansas, Butch and Diana Davis, Donnie Strong, Jerry Pool, Donna Dodson and Reba Pool.