Little Creek

Hello from Little Creek, USA this warm, beautiful day the Lord has blessed us with again.

My week has been mostly good and some days very good. I got two beautiful Valentine cards and candy twice. I appreciate Lois and Rocky, Burl and my secret pal.

I shared my candy kisses at club, which was our only dessert. We are missing Wanda, who has a medical problem she is dealing with, in fact two because Bill has needed care. Keep Wanda and Bill in your prayers. And we miss Ruth and Jo. And Audrey and Jim were missing Wednesday. But we had a most productive day. The quilters rolled my quilt so progress is being done even though we had fewer quilters. I hemmed a quilt half way and Robyn knitted wash clothes. We keep busy amid the happy chatter and enjoy the comradery.

Our family and her friends are very concerned about Katrice Frye Kirlin. She has been very sick and had problems even getting care in the emergency room and even her primary care doctor. She finally got someone to listen and when tests were run they found her esophagus to be very inflamed and the lining of her stomach also. They are treating her for a bacterial infection with antibiotics. Katrice has a problem with taking them because they make her sicker. When Katrice tries to eat, it hurts her stomach. So please keep Katrice on your prayer list and we all appreciate you. Our Lord hears our prayers so we are praying He will heal her according to His will.

I haven’t had any visitors except Charley and Burl and I know very little to write so I guess I will go where my pen takes me and just write some random thoughts and memories.

Robyn and I crossed the new bridge leading to Clark Church and clubhouse Wednesday. Jim Frye was first to cross it. It is much appreciated and we again appreciate Greg Donley and crew for a good job, and for keeping our roads much better than in adjoining counties.

Remember when we crossed or forded as I remember it being called, the creeks with no bridges and when the creeks were too full we didn’t cross.

I will share a story that lives on in our family lore dealing with creeks and our darling little cousin Angie Degase. Now Angie often came and spent a few days with us where she was pampered and loved by all of us. One time she came home with us from town on Saturday to stay a few days. The weather kept her there long enough for Angie to become homesick for Mommy and so on the following Saturday we always went to town, and Daddy decided the creeks had run down enough to cross. They had been swollen from bank to bank and uncrossable. We had to cross Little Creek twice in order to make it out. The old model T truck made in across safely the first crossing with Angie praying her little heart out. We made it across the second creek with Angie praying fervently. When we were across safely, Angie heaved a big sigh and all were silently thankful when Angie said, “Now you will have to do your own praying getting back across.” Precious memories of a sweet member of our family called home too soon. We have several.

Angie was special and not to be forgotten. She brightened the world around her all the days of her life. Her mother, Audree, was a passionate Pentecostal preacher and was very influential in Angie’s life and all who knew her. So Angie learned to pray at a very early age and has been known to preach some mighty fine sermons of her own.

One good lesson we could learn from this story is that our family and friends can pray their hearts over Jordan safely to the other side. Will you be at the sweet reunion? If so, you must be born again and we hope you seek God. He will answer.

It is so warm and summery out, that I will try to walk to the mailbox to get this there on time. I am mostly safe with my walker and my phone.