Little Creek

Sunday once again as I attempt to write a little bit of happenings, as I know them on Little Creek.

I hope everyone had a good Lord’s Day this beautiful sunshiny evening.

I heard a good message from the good book today on TV and I spent time studying a Bible course I am taking. This was my third lesson and so far I have scored 100% because they send my quiz back to me.

This week has been busy for me. I went to my eye doctor on Tuesday, to our quilting club on Wednesday and to my pacemaker doctor in Springfield on Thursday.

I am grateful to Robyn for the transportation and to Karen and Nicole who drove me to Springfield. I always love spending time with them.

It will soon be five years that my niece, Robyn, has been with me and we have never had a serious disagreement. I am always glad to have Monday come and for her to come catch up with my needs. Robyn and I are usually in harmony in that we know when to communicate and when to be quiet. I have never dreaded for Robyn to come, and I have had several aides since I became disabled and three have been compatible.

I am happy to tell of a happy event on Little Creek Sunday when Robyn, Norval and Colton were baptized. Burl came and he with Danny helping, baptized them in the next step in their commitment to change and walk through the rest of their lives with Jesus as their guide. Congratulations to you three. May you continue to grow in your faith and knowledge.

I was up to see the eclipse but could never locate the moon. We had red clouds blocking the moon I guess.

I have to take meat to club today and so I am getting ready to fry some chicken and so I will get busy.

Have a happy week and the best way to do so is to make someone else happy.

I will add some news this Monday morning – I am not sure if my items will make it to the Douglas County Herald in time for this weeks paper. Robyn is sick and I’m not sure when she will be able to come back.

My sister, Jean, called with news. She and Jamie had been to see Lena, who recently had surgery.

I wish you well and may your recuperation be swift and painless. God is good.

Jim and Jean had company during the weekend. Autum, who is a welcome regular, was there until school today. And Jim’s sister, Martha Lee and John spent Saturday and Sunday nights with them, leaving today.

And on Sunday Norval and Robyn spent his birthday and enjoyed a big dinner. Those enjoying the day together were Jim and Jean, Martha Lee and John, Norval and Robyn, Autum, Jamie and Danny and Colton and Kendra with Christopher and Lydia.

And on Saturday Laurie Davis with granddaughters, Katy and Olivia came for an enjoyable visit. Laurie is Pat Meador’s daughter and grew up in this area.

Jo, my sister, has great grandson, Wyatt, with her. He is always an enjoyable treat for Jo, but she finds it tiring to keep up with the energetic youngster.

We were happy to have Darold and Ruth join us for dinner. Ruth quilted for a while. Now Darold you must bring her back next week because it is her birthday. We love you both.

And Kendra and Colton brought Lydia. She has grown and is more beautiful than ever. I got to have my picture made with her.

I must thank Sue for the appropriate card and letter which I needed. I miss you girl!

And Betty Burton, I’m sorry I did not get your call, but Jean tells me you sound like the same little Betty whom we all love and miss so much.

And Hi Kimmie, I am rejoicing at your good news.

I tried calling, but it went to your mailbox. I will write a letter and please let me know how things are going.

Gee whiz, we have had more than usual in a long time of babies born into our family. They will all have their names on our quilt. There’s Colleen’s family and Yvonne’s, also Jean’s and Jamie’s, Katrice’s, mine, Jo’s, Jerry’s and maybe others that my mind doesn’t tell me just now.

Charlie came this week bringing me two rabbits to fry. I am thankful because I love rabbit and it is healthy.

I have been eating healthy food in moderation and have lost 58 lbs. I am very proud of myself and I feel so much better. Smaller portions and self will did it for me.

Well, I will stop again and hope someone comes to mail this for me because everyone tells me they search for my items every week and so I don’t want to disappoint my loyal readers. I will get back to writing of some old times soon.