I guess I will have to mail my news pretty early. It takes two days from here to get to Ava. It really messes up weekend news. And sometimes when I write more news the Herald may not have room to print it as it comes in late. Everything is so aggravating anymore. Make a call all circuits are busy. And I can’t understand some of the people. Press one for this, two for this. As we get older our patience is not great. Mine never has been too good  to start with. Electronics are good, but can be a mess too. So much on the gripe side of life.

Our neighbor, Jerry Nelson, had a birthday this month. I won’t tell his age, but he won’t be 79 again. Kids and grandkids and Deanna Porter have visited.

James’ birthday was Feb. 6th. Due to the cold day and flu going around we stayed home, but he got several calls. One of our little girls, Mylea Bertoldi of Garrison called. David Halcomb, Connie Siler, Junior Halcomb, Shirley Halcomb and Loren Maggard also called. The day was pretty dull, but these calls came that evening, one right after the other. That livened  things up. His sister called the next day, but didn’t get us. When she did, their sow they had been watching for so long had 11babies (piglets.) I think they are called on his birthday, but she rolled on four and killed them so I don’t know what they ended up with. Anyway, happy belated birthday to James, it was his 69th.

Young people better do what they want  to because one gets those years rolled on fast.

Happy birthday to Maxine Lirley, Feb. 14th; Sybil Harvill on Feb. 17th; Shirley Halcomb on Feb. 19th and also Shirley and Rex’s anniversary.

Last week Rex Halcomb and I visited our brother, Junior. Betty and kids and John were gone part of the day.

I visited my sister, Sybil Harvill, her kids and grandkids have been in and out visiting. It is getting close to Sybil and our mom’s early lettuce planting day, Feb. 14th. Maybe ice and snow, a real mess by then and again who knows.

Elna Shortt called last week. Her son, Roy, has a health problem that the docs can’t figure out. She asked me if any of our relatives had anything like what Roy has. I don’t know much about the older generations, only a few things I have heard. Elna lives in Nixa.

Friday we went to Ava and went to Clinkingbeard’s and left donations in memory of Bud Hampton. We had a nice chat with Toni and Kirk. My cousin, Shirley (Stillings) Smith was there. She looked real good. She has such a nice complexion. Mine has age spots and crow’s feet. Shirley is still working. Bud sure will be missed. He loved his family. I told James it will seem odd to pass his house knowing he is not there. he was usually outside doing something and Eastern Gate Church will sure miss him. He and Irene Swearengin have sang together for many years. Things change whether we like it or not. Bud was our road grader for many years.

James and I visited with Tony Richards at Wal-Mart Friday. He was taking therapy after a working accident. And his son, Cody, was in a working accident also.

Brad Evans and daughter, Hope, attended the visitation for his aunt at Mtn. Grove Sunday. Brad, we wish you a happy birthday. I know two good men born on Feb. 6th.

Hope is going to college to be a R.N. She is my brother, Junior’s granddaughter. My sister, Sybil Harvill, has a granddaughter, Kim Ewing, who is a RN and her sister works in the medical field, Shellie Marler. And my brother, Gordon’s daughter, Shelley, worked in the medical field. Kim’s husband, Casey, works in respiratory, so several in our family.

James has two sisters, Chris and Kathy, who work at the hospital. Doug’s wife and daughter are registered nurses. Kathy’s daughter, Amanda, works for home health and Chris’ daughter, Wendy, I think is a care giver.

Hope you all had a nice Valentine’s Day. If all goes well we will be having a little party on Wednesday at church. Due to the flu and weather, one can’t plan very far.

Kenny and Annie Goin, we hope you get well soon. Pray this flu will go away real, real, real soon.