Sunday morning brought more snow than a dusting to one inch. Due to the slick roads, several churches dismissed. A week ago Sunday the ice came sooner than expected. We had lots of fun trying to get home from church. They didn’t have it, just said prayer and left. The prayers got us home some, but the closer you got home, the worse it got. No place like home sweet home. Last two Sundays we had church.

Seems like when the phone rings it’s more bad news then good. So many sick and passing away.

The news on television is terrible. I don’t like to watch it. If the country would humble their selves and go back to God, let Him control, things would be great again as President Trump says. I wish they would work together and lets see what he can do.

A large crowd attended the graveside services for Nancy Nelson at Harvill Cemetery. Joe and David Lafferty and Joe’s daughters, June Durbin and Debbie Bilyeu were all there. I may not have the girls’ last names right. They did a good job and David gave us some good laughs of things he told while visiting before the service. Rev. James Orick officiated. James married Doug and Nancy and Joe (Cub) baptized her when she was young. Her death was a shock to everyone.

Glenda Halcomb’s girl’s grandmother passed away. Her visitation was Sunday, January 14 and funeral on Monday. One daughter from Kansas City spent sometime with Glenda and David.

Visitors in our home have been David Halcomb and Doug Nelson.

Friday, James and me visited Junior and Betty Halcomb. I visited Sybil Harvill Sunday evening.

Buddy Gibson had a saying in the blink of an eye. People want flu season over and spring fever to set in. Feb. 14th, Mom and Sybil’s early lettuce planting time. Before you know it, it will be a blink of an eye and it’s springtime. January had gone pretty fast.

We went trout fishing with no luck. We did not fish long. I spent my time mostly in pick-up. We went in the boat the next day. The weather reporters don’t give the correct way the wind will be blowing. And the wind speed is something else to.

Wayne Casey fell, but due to so much flu, they didn’t take him to the hospital.

I called Chloe Wolford and she has to be with a walker all the time. I always enjoy visiting her.

Bob Rains has pneumonia, but is better. Lou had a bad head cold. It’s hard on Bob because he and Lou love to go.

I talked to Zelda Jones Saturday morning. Her granddaughter, Stevi’s basketball team won. And great granddaughter, Mylea’s team won. James wanted to go, but due to the flu, we have tried to avoid them. He isn’t feeling good this morning.

David Halcomb visited us on Saturday evening. He visited Rex and Shirley Halcomb last week. Rex visited Jerry Maggard Saturday evening.

James Orick visited Jerry and Jerry Maggard Jr. on Friday. Ernie Dollarhide was there too.

This Weeks News – I guess the old saying better late than never. It does stand true for some things.

Tuesday night John and Connie Siler came over and exchanged Christmas gifts. We had a real good visit.

Friday night Rex and Shirley Halcomb came and exchanged Christmas gifts. We had a good visit. So now I can put my Christmas tree up. We have enjoyed our tree for several years. I believe Wayne Cipriano’s wife, Rosalee, got it for me when we had secret pals for the ladies at Eastern Gate Church. Lots of good memories.

Our hearts go out to Bud and Frances Hampton. He is to come to the nursing home in Ava. He did a lot at Eastern Gate and Mt. Olive and White Oak Churches. We spent many hours together. He is a good carpenter, singer and always helped out. His first wife, Bonita, was good to help. And his second wife, Frances, has always been so good to help at Eastern Gate. Bonita passed away, but we have been around the kids and grandkids a lot growing up. Bonita and sister-in-law, Linda Hampton, baked and decorated our wedding cake for our shower 37 years ago.

John and Connie Siler’s brother-in-law, Ron, went through heart valve surgery. But a follow up visit found heart rate not what the doc wants. Remember him in your prayers.

Garrison Church had 37 out Sunday. The Cody Guerin family were in Arkansas visiting Tammi’s family. James preached from Psalms 119:33-37, very good verses. Lord teach me of thy statutes. Keep it unto the end. Incline my heart to testimonies, not covetousness. Turn mine eyes away from vanity; and quicken thou me in thy heart.

Attend church, makes for a better week. Take care.