Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center

Hello from our home to your home. Don’t you love our weather here- sun shine, wind, rain, sleet, drizzle, ice, snow and nice sunny days?  Welcome to Missouri.

Those having birthdays this month are Cecile Boos, Bill Holt, Maxine Lirley, Richard Gunter, Janet Bransetter and Lavern Ashby.

Our monthly birthday party will be held at 2:00 in the main dining room.

Don and Misty Lunn have been teaching Bible Study each Monday morning. The residents love to visit with them each week, they also come and visit during the week.   Mae Medley called Bingo in the afternoon with several residents playing. After Bingo we played Trivia.

Tuesday residents meet for Resident Council with our Ombudsman, Norma Stillings.   Evelyn Harper was here playing Bingo and handing candy treats to residents playing.   Nifty Nails were done after Bingo.

Wednesday morning SHINE was here and playing up a storm.  LeAnn and Erin  are very much appreciated around here and we missed Glen Dale this week.  In the afternoon Joy Duncan and Sarah Carter from Three Rivers Hospice made Valentines with the residents, read the Valentine Story and handed out candy to the residents.

Thursday morning, we missed Ava Head Start as they are out with the flu virus, so the residents wanted to watch the movie- God’s Not Dead.

In the afternoon we played Bingo and residents visited at coffee break time.

Friday morning the 1st Sonshine Group was here doing devotions and singing. We love this group.  Pam Snelson was cutting hair in the beauty shop.

In the afternoon we played Trivia with Brooklyn and Doran Simmons.  The staff and residents were worried about the weather forecast for this weekend.  Norma Stillings and Lola Mayberry were here for Saturday morning church.   And on  Sunday afternoon LeaAnn, Neil and Erin Crum were here for the Sunday afternoon church services with the residents.  The Crum’s volunteered to do the service for Faith Rock Church, who had canceled their Sunday church services.   LeaAnn and Neil had brought Erin in for work.   We appreciate the good music and service to our residents.

Congratulations to Cheryl Moore and Carol Heathcock on getting to go home this month.   

We would like to welcome Judy Davidson  to our home.

Our prayers and sympathy go out to the families of Gary Simmons, Eldon Hampton, Forrest Little and  Leota “Darlene” Stout.

God bless you from our home to your home.