Girdner Church

Good morning on this chilly February morning. Seems like it was just Christmas and New Years, and now February is here, the ground hog has seen his shadow and so I guess we can expect to see six more weeks of winter. However, if that time flies as the previous six weeks it’ll be Spring before we know it!

It seems like we have missed more church this year than ever before for bad roads. I’m hoping this Sunday was our last miss for the year.

We was able to  have our Valentine Dinner at church Saturday evening and the ladies did such a great job with the decorations and the food was really good. We have some of the best ladies to plan things for us and keep us all pampered and loved. I want to name names, but I am not sure who all helped, so I will just say we sure appreciate you all. You guys are the best! We had some great little servers as well, and they did a good job serving our meals. Some awfully cute ones too, the girls and the boys! They kept coming back to see if we needed more salad, or drinks or desserts! They are all working to raise money for the activities they want to attend for this summer, and are doing a good job. So the tips they made was for their youth group to have to spend later on in the year. A couple weeks ago, the older youth served us chili and desserts and made some money that way, and we all got to enjoy the meal! Can’t wait to see what else they have planned to do. The fellowship we get to enjoy at these times is really nice as well.

I was given a book I have been enjoying this last few weeks. I have some really good friends who like to share what they are reading, and I sure appreciate this book as well. It is The Book of Mysteries. It’s a reading for each day with Bible verses to read with each day that goes along with the reading. So far I have enjoyed everyone of them, so I would like to share a few with you all.

So in this book, there is a student who is walking with the teacher. I find myself feeling as if  I am this student and Jesus as my teacher. Today’s story he began by telling  about the Messiah ministering to the multitude in Matt. 14:14-21. However this is a different thought on the scripture than what I had thought of before. He tells of how the two fish and five loaves of bread were given and fed about five thousand. He then asked, but how did he do this. He then goes on to say, He gave thanks. He looked into Heaven, he blessed it and then gave to his disciples to give to the multitude. Not only was there food for all, but they gathered twelve baskets full that remained! He gave thanks, and the miracle happened. It’s  crucial to a life of fullness and blessings. Jesus didn’t panic at not having enough, he didn’t complain, and he didn’t give up. So if we would do as the Messiah did, no matter how big or little we might have, and lift it up to the Lord, they too may be multiplied for us. If not in this world, maybe in our hearts. The more we give thanks, and are thankful in our hearts for what we do have, the less we will hunger for more and our lives will be blessed. God will give us what is enough and what is more than enough when we give him thanks for what we have been given. Stop seeking more and stop living in the realm of “not enough” Practice giving thanks for everything.

1 Thessalonians 5:18,  “In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”